The term Biomechanics is believed to have originated from the Greek word bios meaning life and mekhaniki meaning mechanics. This interdisciplinary field which combines biological and physical sciences helps to study the effects of forces that act on and within any living organism to create movement. Biomechanics of human movement, examines the movements, posture and loading influenced by these internal and external forces. Common topics in biomechanics include clinical and injury assessment, rehabilitation, ergonomics and sport.

Consultants and researchers in biomechanics are involved largely in clinical, occupational and sport related problems. Experts from a wide range of scientific disciplines, which include engineers, physicists, biologists, physiologists, material scientists, medical scientists, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, podiatrists and other therapists, work in the field of biomechanics. These disciplines consider biomechanics as an integral part in their own area which has led to the improved understanding of many basic concepts, such as the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular control.


Analtica is involved in the use of latest scientific, biomechanical and computer methods to provide state of the art analysis and description of injury causation and human movement.

We offer consultancy services in the areas of: Orthopaedics, Sports medicine, Rehabilitation medicine, Occupational medicine, Forensic medicine, Clinical Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Bioengineering and Kinesiology (Movement science).


We have access to biomechanics laboratory facilities which is equipped with a wide selection of kinematic and kinetic analysis systems to analyse movement pattern in clinical and sport situations. These include three dimensional Motion Analysis Systems which can automatically track several hundred images per second. These systems can provide accurate kinematic data for application in a variety of environments in clinical, sports and animation industry.

We also have access to less complicated kinematic analysis based on digital video and kinetic analysis equipment such as force platforms, pressure platforms and in-shoe pressure analysis systems.

Access to electromyography system, accelerometery and other strain measurement are also available for adding value to the biomechanical data.

We can provide 3D printed prototypes as a part of our consultancy in product development.


Analtica offers expertise across various fields, which is led and coordinated by its Director, Nachiappan Chockalingam, who is a Professor of Clinical Biomechanics.

Nachi, has completed a PhD in the area of Clinical Biomechanics. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Scientist and a qualified biomechanist. He has published numerous research articles in this area of clinical biomechanics and gait analysis. He has made several research presentations at national and international meetings and conferences.

Analtica’s current associates include experts in gait analysis, musculo skeletal conditions, clinical biomechanics, orthopaedics, clinical anatomy, sports biomechanics, wound care, muscle function, sport related injuries, physiotherapy and podiatric biomechanics.

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